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Similarity between English and Dutch Language

Are you interested in learning Dutch but hesitant because you think it's too difficult? Well, you might be surprised to learn that there are many similarities between Dutch and English that make it easier to learn. Let's take a closer look at some of the similarities between the two languages.

Firstly, Dutch and English share many words that have the same or similar meanings. These words are often derived from the same root words in Germanic languages. For example, the Dutch word "vriend" and the English word "friend" both mean the same thing. Other examples of words that are similar in Dutch and English include "huis" (house), "kamer" (room), "kaas" (cheese), and "bier" (beer).

Furthermore, both Dutch and English have similar grammatical structures. Both languages are known for their use of phrasal verbs and the placement of adjectives before nouns. For instance, in both languages, you might say "ik drink graag koffie" (I like to drink coffee) or "she is a beautiful woman" (ze is een mooie vrouw).

Another interesting similarity between Dutch and English is the use of the present continuous tense, which is formed by combining a form of "to be" with the present participle of the verb. For example, "ik ben aan het leren" (I am learning) or "she is reading a book" (ze is een boek aan het lezen).

However, there are some differences between Dutch and English as well. For instance, Dutch has a complex system of gendered nouns that can be a bit tricky to master. In addition, Dutch pronunciation can be challenging for English speakers due to its use of guttural sounds that aren't found in English.

In conclusion, although there are some differences between Dutch and English, the similarities between the two languages can make it easier to learn Dutch. From similar vocabulary to grammatical structures, there are many ways in which Dutch and English are related. So, don't be intimidated and give Dutch a try! Looking for Dutch classes in Chennai? Look no further than Sprachlingua! Our highly qualified tutors, flexible schedules, and interactive sessions make learning Dutch easy and enjoyable. Whether you're seeking certification or simply want to learn a new language, reach out to us to start your journey today!

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