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Sprachlingua is one of the most reputed Spanish training center in ChennaiWe offer Spanish language courses in Chennai, from beginners to professional level and is the first foreign language learning school in India which focuses on learning language without books and home-works (like how a child learns his/her mother tongue). Spanish language classes in Chennai are offered to provide  confidence in learning Spanish language with minimum training hours. idiosyncratic Training methodologies to learn foreign languages without stress are taught.

Salient Features 

We at Sprachlingua teach our students art of communication more than just the language. We teach the students tips and tricks to remember complex vocabulary and similarities between English and Spanish which makes them easy to correlate. Salient Features of Sprachlingua's Spanish classes in Chennai are listed below.

  • E-Learning Materials for Spanish language
  • Frequent Assesments and tests in Spanish Language
  • Practise Exercises for Spanish language
  • Study Materials (Verbs, Nouns, Adjective Lists) for Spanish language
  • Interactive Worksheets in Spanish language
  • Audio Files in Spanish language
  • Mock Tests in for Spanish language
  • Final Evaluation Test in for Spanish language

Course Highlights of Spanish language classes in Chennai

Sprachlingua Salient features

• Highly qualified Spanish speaking tutors with more than ten years of experience are faculties for the Spanish language classes in Chennai.

• Spanish curriculum at Sprachlingua is aligned with the global DELE curriculum for students desiring for certification.

• Having flexibility in timings accompanied by both online and offline sessions according to individual’s convenience.

• Activity and interactive live session training.

• Ample assignments and enough practice will be given along with regular mock tests for the students to master the language 

• Complete guidance throughout will be given to clear each level and also for the process of individual’s survival in Spain.

• Multiple batches with minimum number of student to ensure that every learner gets complete attention in the learning process.

• One to one sessions are also available according to individual’s preference.

• Both weekday and weekend batches are available for Spanish language classes in Chennai.

• Customized Spanish language courses are provided to serve each  individual’s purpose.

• Online Spanish classes are conducted by Sprachlingua for language learners from all over the world.

Spanish Trainers Profile

  • Spanish  Language Trainers at Sprachlingua are well versed in Spanish language.
  • Sprachlingua's Spanish Trainers conduct custom one to one private classes. 
  • Proficient Spanish Trainers at Sprachlingua train the students in all 6 levels of exam. Some Spanish trainers were in Spain for more than a decade and are well versed with the cultural aspect of Spain.
  • Spanish Trainers at Sprachlingua put forth equal emphasis on the writing, reading, listening and speaking skills of the Spanish language
  • Spanish Instructors at Sprachlingua deliver in-depth training in Grammar and Structure of the Spanish language.
  • Spanish tutors in Sprachlingua conduct fast track custom made course.
  • Spanish Language Trainers at Sprachlingua support and guide the students in conducting online Spanish classes even if the students are in a different place.
  • Spanish tutors at Sprachlingua provide individual attention to the students by keeping batch with low strength and help them to speak fluently.
  • Spanish language instructors at Sprachlingua conduct the class in English as medium of instruction for training in Spanish language classes in Chennai.
Spanish classes in chennai

Spanish Language Syllabus

Sprachlingua offers Spanish language programs for fast track courses. The syllabus for fast track courses are categorized into two levels 

1- Beginner and 

2- Advanced 

The syllabus for each of these levels are mentioned below

LEarn Fast - Beginner

·Introduction to Spanish/Subject, Verb and Object concepts/Alphabets.

·Informal and Formal Greetings and Salutations

·Colors with a song and Video with Activity

·Basic months of the year/Seasons/Days of the week with Video Presentation

·Playing with Numbers with a song

·Introduction to Sentence Framing and Structure in Spanish

·Concept of 'To-Be Verbs

·Usage of Articles and sentences with basic list of Nouns

·Concept of Infinitives Verbs and Conjugated Verbs.

·Official and Unofficial Time asking and responding with Time related Words

·Basic List of Verbs to know to frame sentences with practice

·Members of the Family in Spanish with Video presentation

·Modal and helping words to frame sentences (want/can/need/have etc)

·Possessive Adjectives my/mine/his etc with sentences to practice

·Concept of question words like when/what/why/etc

·Formal self introduction in Spanish along with activities.

·Verb conjugation with basic verbs

·Usage of But/Because etc and how to respond.

LEarn Fast - Advanced

Advanced syllabus for Spanish Classes in Chennai

Review of present tense

Past and future tenses along with verb conjugation

More into nuances in sentence structures (Where noun/verb comes in a sentence in complicated sentences)

Conjunctions in Spanish 

How to hold a lengthy conversation in Spanish (advanced version)

Imperative sentences formation 

How to express yourself

Listening skill practice 

Mock tests for reading/listening/writing and speaking

In addition to the Fast track ( LEarn fast ) Programs, Sprachlingua also offers Spanish language training for Level Based courses. These Spanish Language Training in Chennai on Level based programs are offered only for academic clients ( Colleges and Schools). The various level training that we offer include 

Level A1
Level A2
Level B1
Level B2
Level C1
Level C2

Scope of Spanish Language 

Spanish Language is spoken in Spain and in many countries in South America which includes Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Venezuela ,Mexico etc. There is an estimation of about 559 million people who speak Spanish all over the world. This also includes the speakers with limited competence of communicating in Spanish. Some of the top Spanish companies include seat, vidal, zara, Telefónica, Fierro group etc. Knowing Spanish Language enhances ones chance of getting Employment.

Sprachlingua offers the following Foreign language classes in Chennai - GermanChineseFrenchSpanishJapaneseSwedishDutch

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FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of learning Spanish classes in Chennai ?

Spanish Language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It is also said that around 500 million people speak Spanish language in the world. The origin of this language is the country Spain. This language is spoken in several countries like Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru and Chile. It is also spoken in countries like Belize, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela. Due to the popularity of this language, there are several opportunities for the people who can speak Spanish. The scope of Spanish language is very wide in India. Spanish is taught as a second language in the schools, colleges and universities. It is also taught as an additional language in several schools. People who are interested to learn Spanish can join Spanish classes in Chennai

Registration process and procedures for Spanish classes in Chennai ?

You may register on the link below. Once you get a positive reply from our Office. We would need the following

1- Soft copy/ Hard copy of Photograph

2- Adhar card copy

what are the various Spanish courses in Chennai by Sprachlingua?

We offer LEarnFast Spanish Beginner Level and LEarnFast Spanish Advanced level course. Please see the details of the courses above.

What makes Sprachlingua different from other Spanish institutes or Spanish classes in Chennai ?

At Sprachlingua, We make you speak the language within the shortest possible time.

Strong Emphasis on the Foundation / Grammar of Spanish Language.

There is a very active Spanish Online Members Area with immense database of Assignments.

Lots of Quizzes are conducted to memorize the verbs.

Does Sprachlingua offer Spanish training in Tamil medium of instruction

Yes, Spanish classes in Tamil medium of instruction are offered. But these sessions are offered only on demand basis. Get in touch with us to know more about it

Members Area - Spanish

Spanish Assignments

Identification of Subject, Verb and Object in a Sentence
Lesson 1 - Assignment
Lesson 2 - Assignment
Lesson 3 - Assignment
Lesson 4 - Assignment
Lesson 5 - Assignment
Lesson 6 - Assignment
Lesson 7 - Assignment
Lesson 8 - Assignment
Lesson 9 - Assignment
Lesson 10 - Assignment
Lesson 11 - Assignment
Lesson 12- Assignment
Lesson 13 - Assignment
Lesson 14 - Assignment
Lesson 15 - Assignment