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Sprachlingua is one of the most reputed Chinese language training center in Chennai. Sprachlingua offers Chinese language courses in Chennai, from beginners to professional level and is the first foreign language learning school in India which focuses on learning language without books and minimal home-works (like how a child learns their mother tongue). Chinese language classes in Chennai are offered to provide  confidence in learning Chinese language with minimum training hours. Unique Training methodologies to learn Chinese language without stress are taught in addition to making language learning interesting.

Salient Features of Sprachlingua Chinese classes

Chinese is a complex language that relies heavily on tones to convey meaning, with few sounds to work with. That's why our focus is on helping students communicate effectively, by teaching them correct pronunciation and tones. Unlike other training institutes, we offer Chinese courses without books and homework, making it easier and more affordable for students to learn. With our expert trainers, you'll learn tips and shortcuts for remembering vocabulary and communicating in Chinese. Our courses range from Basic to Advanced level, ensuring that students at all levels can find the right fit for their needs. Join Sprachlingua today and start your journey towards mastering the Chinese language!. Sprachlingua teaches the art of communication more than just the language. Salient Features of Sprachlingua's Chinese classes in Chennai are listed below.

  • E-Learning Materials for Chinese language
  • Frequent Assesments and tests in Chinese
  • Practise Exercises in Chinese Language
  • Study Materials (Verbs,Nouns,Adjective Lists) in Chinese Language
  • Interactive Worksheets in Chinese Language
  • Chinese classes in Chennai in Tamil medium
  • Audio Files in Chinese Language
  • Mock Tests in Chinese Language
  • Final Evaluation Test in Chinese Language

Course Highlight of Chinese classes in Chennai 

Sprachlingua Salient features

• Highly qualified Chinese speaking tutors with years of experience.

• Chinese curriculum at Sprachlingua is aligned with the global Hanban curriculum for students desiring for certification.

• Having flexibility in timings accompanied by both online and offline sessions according to individual’s convenience.

• Ample assignments and enough practice will be given along with regular mock tests for the students to master the Chinese Language LEarn Fast Course.

• Interactive and activity oriented live session training.

• Complete guidance throughout will be given to clear each level and also for the process of individual’s survival in China.

• Multiple batches with minimum number of student are offered by Sprachlingua to ensure that every learner gets complete attention in the learning process.

• One to one sessions are also available according to individual’s preference.

• Both weekday and weekend batches are available for Chinese language classes in Chennai.

• Customized courses are provided to serve each  individual’s purpose

• Online Chinese classes for students from all over the world are offered at Sprachlingua.

Chinese Trainer's Profile

  • Chinese Language Trainers at Sprachlingua are well trained and highly qualified in Chinese language.
  • Sprachlingua Chinese Trainers conduct customized one to one private classes depending on requirement of each individual. 
  • Proficient Chinese Trainers at Sprachlingua trains the students for each level. .

Chinese Trainers at Sprachlingua cater equal emphasis on the reading, writing, listening and speaking skills of the Chinese language.

  • Chinese Instructors at Sprachlingua deliver in-depth training in Grammar and Structure of the Chinese language.
  • Chinese tutors in Sprachlingua conduct fast track customized course.
  • Chinese Language Trainers at Sprachlingua support and guide the students at different parts of the world with their online interactive live sessions.
  • Chinese tutors at Sprachlingua provide individual attention to the students by keeping batch with low strength and help them to speak fluently.
  • Chinese language instructors at Sprachlingua conduct the class in English as medium of instruction for training in Chinese language classes in Chennai. 

Language classes in Chennai - sprachlingua

Chinese one-to-one Online Classes

Sprachlingua's Chinese online one-to-one classes offer a unique opportunity for students to learn Chinese at their own pace and in a comfortable environment. With a team of experienced and qualified teachers, Sprachlingua provides personalized lessons tailored to each student's individual needs and goals.

One of the key benefits of our Chinese online one-to-one classes is the flexibility they offer. Students can choose the time and place that suits them best, allowing them to fit their studies around their busy schedules. This makes it easier for them to stay committed to their language learning journey and achieve their goals.

Moreover, our online one-to-one classes allow students to receive personalized attention from their teacher, who can focus on their specific strengths and weaknesses. This approach ensures that students progress at their own pace, and receive the support and guidance they need to achieve their language goals.

Another advantage of our Chinese online one-to-one classes is the opportunity for students to practice speaking and listening with a professional Chinese speaker. This not only helps them improve their language skills but also gives them a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and customs.

At Sprachlingua, we use a variety of teaching materials and resources to keep our classes engaging and interactive. Our teachers use modern teaching techniques such as role-playing, real-life scenarios, and multimedia resources to make learning Chinese fun and engaging.

In addition, our Chinese online one-to-one classes provide students with access to a range of support services, including regular progress reports. This ensures that students receive the help and support they need throughout their language learning journey.

Chinese Language Curriculum

Sprachlingua offers Chinese language programs for fast track courses. The syllabus for fast track courses are categorized into two levels 

1- Beginner 

2- Intermediate and 

3- Advanced 

The syllabus for each of the levels of Chinese training program in Chennai are listed below

Learn Fast - Beginner

In the LEarn Fast Beginner Chinese Course in Chennai - Following Topics will be covered

  • Pinyin system for pronunciation.
  • Introduction to Chinese/Subject, Verb and Object concepts/Alphabets in Mandarin.
  • Informal and Formal Greetings and Salutations in Mandarin
  • Colors in Chinese.

  • Basic months of the year/Seasons/Days of the week with Video Presentation.
  • Playing with Numbers with a song in Chinese.
  • How to introduce yourself and ask somebody's basic information like name, phone number, nationality to hold a basic conversation in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Introduction to Sentence Framing and Structure in Chinese
  • Official and Unofficial Time asking and responding with Time related Words along with Chinese order of Time words.
  • Basic Verbs to know to hold a conversation in Mandarin  (eat/drink/see/look/sing etc).
  • Members of the Family in Chinese with Video presentation
  • Modal and helping words to frame sentences (want/would/should/would like to etc).
  • Plural forms of pronouns and possessive forms of the pronouns like they/them/we/us/etc and my/mine/his etc with sentences to practice.
  • Concept of question words like when/what/why/etc in Mandarin Chinese .
  • Formal self introduction in Chinese along with activities.
  • How to make/ask suggestions and give replies for the same.
  • Usage of Basic Measure words
Learn Fast - Intermediate

In the LEarn Fast Intermediate Chinese Course in Chennai - Following Topics will be covered

Detailed look into Nouns in Chinese language

Writing Characters with tips and tricks to remember each character in Chinese 

Detailed view of the advanced verbs and Nouns lists

Verbs with prepositions at deeper level

Adjectives In Chinese Language 

Review of HSK 1 and HSK 2 vocabulary list with characters

Active and Passive sentences in Chinese Language 

Review of HSK Papers and Mock tests will be conducted 

Communication at a deeper level-in order to be able to hold a conversation 

Learn Fast - Advanced

In the LEarn Fast Advanced Chinese Course in Chennai - Following Advanced Topics will be covered

Grammar at an advanced level

Understanding the language along in depth with its culture

Holding a better conversation at an advanced level

How to communicate in workplace in Chinese

Communication for attending interviews

Asking questions and responding at a professional level

Deeper understanding of the nuances in grammatic areas

In addition to the Fast track ( LEarn fast ) Programs, Sprachlingua also offers Chinese language training for Level Based courses. These Chinese Language Training in Chennai on Level based programs are offered only for academic clients ( Colleges and Schools). The various level training that we offer include 

Learn without knowing you are putting efforts to learn

China's rapid economic growth and expansion have positioned it as a major player in the global economy. With its population of over 1.4 billion people and its rapidly modernizing infrastructure, China is considered by many to be a superpower. China has also become a leading exporter of goods and services, with many countries relying on China for their manufacturing needs. Additionally, China has been increasing its influence in international organizations, such as the United Nations, and has been investing heavily in developing countries around the world. All of these factors have contributed to China's status as a superpower, and it shows no signs of slowing down in the near future.

Sprachlingua offers the following Foreign language classes in Chennai - GermanChineseFrenchSpanishJapaneseSwedishDutch

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of learning Chinese classes in Chennai ?

Few points about Chinese Language 

It is the second most spoken language in the World , so more opportunities.

China has the Second strongest Economy in the World, so more Companies and openings.

Hence learning Chinese language will open lots of Employment opportunities.

Registration process and procedures for Chinese classes in Chennai ?

You may register on the link below. Once you get a positive reply from our Office. We would need the following

1- Soft copy/ Hard copy of Photograph

2- Adhar card copy

why we think we are providing the best Chinese class in Chennai ?

Sprachlingua offers 3 levels of courses for Chinese. And we focus on making the students speak the language within few weeks. We have a very interactive Members area for Assignments and Worksheets.

what are the various Chinese courses in Chennai offered by Sprachlingua?

We offer LEarnFast Beginner Chinese Level, Intermediate  and Advanced Chinese level course.

Please see the details of the courses above.

Are there any batches where Chinese classes are taught in Tamil ?

Yes, There are few batches where Chinese classes are taught in Tamil as medium of instruction.

Members Area - Chinese

Chinese Assignments

Identification of Subject, Verb and Object in a Sentence
Lesson 1 - Assignment
Lesson 2 - Assignment
Lesson 3 - Assignment
Lesson 4 - Assignment
Lesson 5 - Assignment
Lesson 6 - Assignment
Lesson 7 - Assignment
Lesson 8 - Assignment
Lesson 9 - Assignment
Lesson 10 - Assignment
Lesson 11 - Assignment
Lesson 12- Assignment
Lesson 13 - Assignment
Lesson 14 - Assignment
Lesson 15 - Assignment
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