Italian Language classes 

Sprachlingua, located in Chennai, is a renowned Italian language training center that offers a range of courses from beginner to professional level. We specialize in a bookless approach to foreign language learning, making us the first of our kind in India. Our Italian language classes in Chennai are designed to instill confidence in our students, providing maximum proficiency with minimum training hours. Choose Sprachlingua for your Italian language needs in Chennai.

Salient Features of Sprachlingua

At Sprachlingua, we take pride in teaching our students various tips and tricks to remember complex vocabulary and draw similarities between English and Italian, making them easy to correlate. Our Italian training institute is unique in Chennai, as our trainers have personally lived in Italy, providing them with a clear understanding of not just the language, but also proper pronunciation and Italian culture. Below are the salient features of our Italian language classes in Chennai at Sprachlingua.

  • E-Learning Materials for Italian language
  • Frequent Assesments and tests in Italian
  • Practise Exercises in Italian Language
  • Study Materials (Verbs,Nouns,Adjective Lists) in Italian Language
  • Interactive Worksheets in Italian Language
  • Audio Files in Italian Language
  • Mock Tests in Italian Language
  • Final Evaluation Test in Italian Language

Course Highlight of Italian classes in Chennai 

Sprachlingua Salient features

Sprachlingua's Italian language classes in Chennai offer numerous benefits, including:

• Experienced Italian speaking tutors with over ten years of teaching experience.

• Flexible scheduling with both online and offline sessions available to suit individual preferences.

• Regular assignments, practice sessions, and mock tests to ensure students master the language.

• Interactive and activity-based live training sessions.

• Complete guidance provided to clear each level and for the individual's survival in Italy.

• Small batch sizes to ensure personalized attention for every learner.

• One-on-one sessions available for those who prefer it.

• Both weekday and weekend batches offered.

• Customized courses designed to cater to individual needs.

• Online Italian classes available for students from all over the world.

Choose Sprachlingua for an immersive and engaging Italian language learning experience in Chennai.

Italian Trainer's Profile

At Sprachlingua, our Italian language trainers are highly skilled and well-versed in the Italian language. We offer custom one-on-one private classes with our proficient Italian trainers who provide in-depth training. Our Italian trainers emphasize equal importance on reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in the Italian language.

Additionally, our Italian language instructors deliver comprehensive training in the grammar and structure of the Italian language. For those in need of a quick learning process, our Italian tutors conduct fast-track custom-made courses. We also offer support and guidance for online Italian classes, even for students located in different regions.

At Sprachlingua, we prioritize individual attention and provide low batch sizes to ensure our students speak fluently. Our Italian language instructors conduct classes in English as the medium of instruction for training in Italian language classes in Chennai. Choose Sprachlingua for expert guidance and an engaging learning experience in the Italian language.

Language classes in Chennai - sprachlingua

Italian Language Syllabus

Sprachlingua offers Italian language programs for fast track courses. The syllabus for fast track courses are categorized into two levels 

1- Beginner and 

2- Advanced 

The syllabus for each of these levels are mentioned below

LEarn Fast - Beginner
LEArn Fast - Intermediate

Scope for Italian Language in Chennai

Lots of students opt to take up Higher studies in Italy as they are pioneers in Automotive Engineering domain following Germany.

Few top Italian companies performing in Automotive Industry  include Ducati, Ferrari, Fiat, Lancia, Maserati

We offer the following language classes in Chennai - GermanChineseFrenchSpanishJapaneseSwedishDutch

Registration / Assessment Form - Italian Language classes

If you are interested in Italian courses in Chennai or Already a member taking up our Italian training programs in Chennai.

Registration Form

GUEST - Would you like to enroll with us for our Italian classes in Chennai . Please fill up the Registration form (Italian training classes in Chennai). One of our staffs from Italian wing will get in touch concerning Italian courses in Chennai. Please provide a correct Email ID and phone number.

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Assessment Form

MEMBERS AREA - This is only for already registered members. Students who have already enrolled with Sprachlingua for Italian classes in Chennai. Kindly get in touch with the trainer to get to know the 6 Digit Batch Number for the Italian courses in Chennai with Sprachlingua

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Registration process and procedures for Italian classes in Chennai ?

You may register on the link below. Once you get a positive reply from our Office. We would need the following

1- Soft copy/ Hard copy of Photograph

2- Adhar card copy

why we think we are providing the best Italian class in chennai ?

Because we have 

  •  well trained Italian tutor in Chennai
  • Very interactive Italian Language Members Area
  • Constant Assessment tests are conducted 
  • Italian language Quizzes are conducted
  •  Apart from learning the language the trainer can also guide you through the cultural aspects of Italy and for the survival.
what are the various Italian courses in Chennai by Sprachlingua?

We offer LEarnFast Beginner Level and Advanced level course.

Please see the details of the courses above.

Why is Sprachlingua the Best Italian language institutes in Chennai For people who wants to learn language quickly ?

Very structured Italian language program.

Focus on Grammar 

Emphasis on correct pronunciation

Constant Assignments and assessments done to make the students learn then and there

Members Area - Italian
Italian Assignments
Identification of Subject, Verb and Object in a Sentence
Italian alphabets
Subeject Verb Object
Numbers in Italian
Asking Time and Responding
Modal verbs in Italian
Usage of Verbs in Italian
Future tense in Italian
Simple Past in Italian
Past perfect in Italian
Lesson 10 - Assignment
Lesson 11 - Assignment
Lesson 12- Assignment
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