Best training on German Language Classes in Chennai are offered by Sprachlingua. Our Language courses range from beginners to professional level. It is the primary foreign language school in India which focuses on learning Foreign languages with minimal books. West Germanic/ German language classes in Chennai are offered to impart confidence in learning German with minimum training hours. Sprachlingua has come up with innovative bookless Algorithm Oriented Training strategies to teach Germanic/ German language. Our methodologies are stress free and also makes language learning interesting.

Salient Features of Sprachlingua

We at Sprachlingua teach the scholars the art of communication more than quiet just the language. We teach the scholars tips and tricks to recollect complex vocabulary by relating it with similarities between English and German which makes them easy to correlate. Sprachlingua is one in every of very few German training institutes in Chennai, wherein German teaching Faculties are German citizens themselves who have a concrete understanding of not just the language but also the proper pronunciation of German words and therefore the cultures. Salient Features of German classes in Chennai conducted by Sprachlingua are listed below.

  • E-Learning Materials for German language.
  • German language classes in Chennai are conducted in Tamil medium as well for students who prefer to learn German in their mother tongue.
  • Frequent Assesments and tests in German.
  • Practice Exercises in German Language.
  • Study Materials (Verbs,Nouns,Adjective Lists) in German Language.
  • Interactive Worksheets in German Language.
  • Audio Files in German Language.
  • Mock Tests in German Language.
  • Final Evaluation Test in German Language.

Course Highlight of German classes in Chennai 

Sprachlingua Salient features

Highlights of Sprachlingua's German classes in Chennai

  • Highly qualified German speaking tutors with more than ten years of experience are faculties for the German language classes in Chennai.
  • German curriculum at Sprachlingua is aligned with the global CEFR curriculum for students desiring for certification.
  • Having flexibility in timings according to individual’s convenience.
  • Ample German assignments and enough practice in German Lessons will be given along with regular mock tests for the students to master German language
  • Interactive and activity oriented live German training.
  • Multiple batches with minimum number of student to ensure that every learner gets complete attention on our German language course in Chennai.
  • Both weekday and weekend batches are available for students opting for  German language classes in Chennai
  • Customized German courses are provided to serve each individual’s purpose
  • Online German classes are conducted for students from all over the world.
  • One to one sessions are also conducted for German classes according to individual preference.
  • Separate batches for Tamil speakers are also conducted who wants to learn German language classes in Chennai in Tamil Medium.

About - German Trainers in Sprachlingua

  • German Language Trainers at Sprachlingua are well versed in German language. Some of the German trainers hold dual citizenship.
  • Our German Trainers are flexible and conduct custom one to one private German online classes tailor made to suit each individual needs. German tutors in Sprachlingua also conduct fast track custom made offline German course in Chennai.
  • German Trainers at Sprachlingua cater equal emphasis on the reading, writing and speaking skills of the German language
  • German Instructors at Sprachlingua deliver in-depth training in Grammar and Structure of the German language
  • Sprachlingua's German tutors provide individual attention to the students by conducting batch with low strength and help them to speak fluently.
  • German language instructors at Sprachlingua conduct the class in English / Tamil as medium of instruction for training in German language to ease their learning process.
  • German Language Trainers at Sprachlingua support and guide the students in conducting online German classes even if the students are in a different place.
Language classes in Chennai - sprachlingua

Foreign Language batches at Sprachlingua

German Language Course Curriculum

Sprachlingua offers German language programs for fast track courses. The syllabus for fast track German courses are categorized into two levels 

1- Beginner and 

2- Advanced 

The Curriculum for the German Classes in Chennai are mentioned below

LEarn Fast - Beginner (A1 German Level + A2 German Level)

In the LEarn Fast Beginner German Training Program in Chennai - Following Topics will be covered

  • Alphabets and Introduction to Subject , Object , Verb concepts.
  • Greetings and Salutations in German
  • Colors in German
  • Months of the year / Seasons in German
  • Numbers in German
  • Official / Unofficial Time asking and responding in German
  • Asking questions with Normal verbs (E - Materials will be provided- verb list) in German (Ex : Are you learning German here ?)
    Responding answers with Normal verbs in German
Verb conjugations (E - Materials will be provided- verb conjugation list) in German language
  • How verb changes for I, You, He, She, It , We, They Forms.
  • Asking questions and answering accordingly in German language.
Asking questions with Question Words in German language
  • What, why, where, How, when, How much etc ? (Ex : Why are you learning German language in Chennai ? Which is the best German class in Chennai ?)
  • Responding answers for the questions asked in German
Asking questions with Modal verbs in German
like, can, may , want, must, should (Ex : Do you want to take up German training in Chennai ?)
  • Responding answers with Modal verbs in German language.
  • Verb Conjunctions - But, and, Because, as, if, whether etc.
    Forming statements with these conjunctions and give reasoning.
  • Past tense in German language.
  • Forming sentences with adjectives and nouns in past tense
  • Forming sentences using simple past tense and past perfect tense with verbs in German.
  • Forming past tense sentences using Modal verbs in German.
LEArn Fast - Advanced (B1 German Level + B2 German Level)

In the LEarn Fast Advanced German Training Program in Chennai - Following Topics will be covered

  • Detailed look into Nouns in German language.
  • Articles (Masculine, Feminine and Neutral).
  • Accusative / Dative / Genitive detailed look.
  • Verbs with prepositions in German language.
  • Accusative cases for verb + preposition in German language.
  • Dative cases for verb + preposition in German language.
  • Adjective endings - declension in German language.
  • seeing all combinations (Masculine, Feminine and Neutral) with Nominative , Accusative, Dative and Genitive.
  • Very detailed look in Reflexive verbs in German Language
  • Modal particles in German language.
  • Da Compounds and Wo Compounds in German language.
  • have been |  would have | would have been sentence structures in German language.
  • Profound study on Trennbar verbs ( separable -verbs in German ) in German language.
  • plusquamperfect sentences in German language.
  • Active and Passive sentences in German language.
  • N declination in German language.
  • The subjunctive II: unreality, the How to form subjunctive II in the past..etc.

In addition to the Fast track ( LEarn fast ) Programs, Sprachlingua also offers German language training for Level Based courses. These German Language Training in Chennai on Level based programs are offered only for academic clients ( Colleges and Schools). The various level training that we offer for German Classes in Chennai include

Level A1

German A1 Level CEFR will be taught. Duration of the A1 program will be 80-100 hours and Books followed for A1 Level program are- Netzwerk , Studio D, Tangram.

Level A2

German A2 Level CEFR will be taught. Duration of the German A2 program will be 180 hours. Book followed for German A2 Level  are- Netzwerk , Studio D, Tangram.

Level B1

German B1 Level CEFR will be taught. Duration of the B1 German program will be 350 hours. Book followed for German B1 Level are - Netzwerk , Studio D, Tangram.

Level B2

German B2 Level CEFR will be taught. Duration of the German B2 program will be 700 hours. Book followed for German B2 Level are - Netzwerk , Studio D, Tangram.

Level C1

German C1 Level CEFR will be taught. Duration of the German C1 program will be 900 hours. Book followed for German C1 Level are - Netzwerk , Studio D, Tangram.

Level C2

German C2  Level CEFR will be taught. Duration of the C2 program will be 1000 hours. Book followed for German C2 Level are - Netzwerk , Studio D, Tangram.

For Custom made One to one private German classes , Contact @ +917338853701

Our main motto for German language training in Chennai is - "Learn language without books and start speaking within weeks".

-Sprachlingua - German School in Chennai

Scope for German Language 

Job opportunities for people with German knowledge is very high. Lot of people prefer working in Germany as it offers a good work life balance

German is the second most spoken language in the European Union after English and is also one of the official language in European Union. Many Engineering students attend Sprachlingua's German classes as education is free in many German universities and the job opportunities are quiet high in Germany. 

Few of the top German companies are listed. This includes Robert Bosch, BMW, Daimler, PorscheMercedes-Benz GroupAdidas, puma, SAP, Infineon Technologies, AMG, Opel, Continental ,Siemens, Allianz, Audi, Volkswagen group , DHL, Bayer ,TÜV ,Carl Zeiss etc.

German Language is spoken in more than 42 countries around the word . The list includes GermanySwitzerlandAustria, LuxembourgLichtenstein and sud Tirol.


Sprachlingua offers the following Foreign language classes in Chennai - GermanChineseFrenchSpanishJapaneseSwedishDutch

Registration / Assessment Form - German Language classes

If you are interested in German courses in Chennai or Already a member taking up our German training programs in Chennai.

Registration Form - Enroll in German class

GUEST - Would you like to enroll with us for our German classes in Chennai . Please fill up the Registration form (German training classes in Chennai). One of our staffs from German wing will get in touch concerning German courses in Chennai. Please provide a correct Email ID and phone number.

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FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of learning German classes in Chennai with Sprachlingua?

German language is much needed for Job seekers looking out to work in Germany.

considering the ongoing technologies in Germany, lot of students opt to do their higher studies in Germany.

German Education is very well Recognized through out the world and German Education cost is very cheap.

Registration process and procedures for German classes in Chennai ?

You may register on the link below. Once you get a positive reply from our Office. We would need the following

1- Soft copy/ Hard copy of Photograph

2- Adhar card copy

why we think we are providing the best german class in chennai ?

We think we offer the Best German Class in Chennai, Because we have 

  •  well trained German tutor in Chennai.
  •  Some of the trainers have dual citizenship and have more than 15+ years of Experience.
  • Huge database of E - Modules and Assignments in our Members Area.
  •  Apart from learning the language the trainer can also guide you through the cultural aspects of Germany and for the survival.
why is Sprachlingua the best place to learn german in chennai ?

We follow these unique approaches which makes us standout among other German training Institutes in Chennai

  • Bookless approach.
  • Separate dedicated Members area forms in Internet. 
  • E assignments.
  • Constant Evaluation.
  • Interactive worksheets.
what are the various German courses in Chennai by Sprachlingua?

We offer LEarnFast Beginner Level and Advanced level course.

Please see the details of the courses above.

Why is Sprachlingua the Best German language institutes in Chennai For people who seek job ?

  • Communicative German taught for practical purposes.
  • Emphasis on Spoken German with proper pronunciation.
  • Learn German within minimum number of hours.
  • Great Resource on Members Area.
  • Algorithm Oriented methodology.
Does Sprachlingua provide German language training in Chennai through Tamil medium ?

Yes, Sprachlingua offers German language classes in Chennai on Tamil Medium. Please check it up with us to know when we are starting a German training in Tamil Language batch. 

Members Area - German classes

German Assignments 

Identify Subject, Verb and Object in a Sentence - Foundation
Lesson 1 - German Assignment
Verbs and Modal Verbs
Lesson 2 - German Assignment
Verb / Modal verb Conjugation
Lesson 3 - German Assignment
Conjunction / possessive pronoun
Lesson 4 - German Assignment
Time (Formal/Informal) Numbers
Lesson 5 - German Assignment
Trennbare Verben
Lesson 6 - German Assignment
Months / Days / Seasons / Years
Lesson 7 - German Assignment
Adjectives in German Language
Lesson 8 - German Assignment
Two verbs in a Sentence
Lesson 9 - German Assignment
Future Tense in German Language
Lesson 10 - German Assignment
Past Tense 1 - Nouns/Adjectives
Lesson 11 - German Assignment
Past Tense 2 - Modal verbs
Lesson 12 - German Assignment
Past Tense 3 - Verbs
Lesson 13 - German Assignment
Prepositions in German
Lesson 14 - German Assignment
Reflexive Verbs in German
Lesson 15 - German Assignment
Accusative and Dative

German Quiz

German Foundation - Analyze the category - Algorithm
German Quiz 1
German Quiz 2
German Quiz 3
German Quiz 4
German Quiz 5
German Quiz 6

German Fill in the Blank

German Quiz 1
German Quiz 2
German Quiz 3