Our language learning program offers:

Experienced and qualified instructors who provide personalized attention to students in small class sizes.

Flexible class schedules that accommodate different time zones and schedules.

A tailored curriculum that meets individual language learning needs and goals.

A variety of course options, including intensive, semi-intensive, and one-on-one classes.

Interactive and engaging learning materials and activities that make learning fun and effective.

Opportunities for cultural immersion and real-life language practice, allowing students to use the language in authentic situations.

Regular progress assessments and personalized feedback to ensure students are achieving their language learning goals.

A proven track record of successful language learners who have achieved fluency in their target language.

Affordable pricing and flexible payment options that make language learning accessible to all.

Online or in-person classes, providing flexibility and convenience for learners.

Specialized foreign language classes for specific purposes, such as business or academic purposes, ensuring learners can achieve language proficiency in their desired field.

Foreign Language Learning Methodology

Our language learning approach is bookless and algorithm-oriented, with a strong emphasis on logic and interactivity.

Members have access to a comprehensive e-assignment section specifically designed for learning foreign languages, as well as a vocabulary quiz section for easy memorization of verbs.

We provide invaluable handouts and e-materials that cover all the rules of foreign language learning.

Our trainers are highly skilled and some even have dual citizenship, making them experts in teaching the language with ease.

Mugging up is not required, as we focus only on memorizing vocabularies in the respective language.


Stella Maris College for Women

Dr Dolly Thomas

Head of the Department, History

We, at the Department of History, Stella Maris College (Autonomous) have been associated with Sprachlingua for several years now for the conduct of foreign language certificate courses. Over the years we have had courses in German, Spanish and Mandarin. The classes are conducted with a lot of professionalism and dedication and the feedback from students has always been good and positive. I would gladly recommend the courses to others and look forward to a long period of academic association with Mr. Sreeram and his team.

Sri Siva Subramania Nadar College of Engineering

Dr Thiruvenkataswami

Head of the Department, English

Sprachlingua taught German and French to the students of SSN during the academic year 2015-16. They delivered very good service to our students in effectively acquiring a foreign language. Their methodology was innovative and appealed to the students. In a short span of time they were able to attain desirable proficiency in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening skills of the particular language. With their vast experience in translations, interpretations and teaching of foreign languages, students who study with them will partake a valuable experience that Sprachlingua has built over the years. I wish Mr.Sreeram and his team all the best in their endeavour to empower the younger generation with skills that can make a positive effect to their lives.


Uma .G
INOPC PG, L & D Specialist

Hitachi ABB would like to extend their Gratefulness to Sprachlingua. They are very sincere and good at Time Management and their online chinese classes were very effective. Ms. Archana (Sprachlingua) has  made a huge impact on employee confidence levels and I’m extremely happy to say that I could see a clear transformation in the Professional and I give that credit to her. Thanks again for all the guidance given to enhance their  skills. The onlineTraining program and the way it was presented was wonderful & friendly. Hope this will help the employees to  explore much more – learn, grow and succeed in life.

E - Assignments and E - Materials
Mugging up
spoken skills - pronunciational authenticity
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