English Language classes 

Sprachlingua is one of the most reputed English language training center in Chennai. We offer English language courses in Chennai for Communicative spoken courses. This spoken English course is a fast track course . 

Salient Features of Sprachlingua

Some of the unique features of Sprachlingua's English language classes in chennai are

  • E-Learning Materials for English language
  • Study Materials (Verbs,Nouns,Adjective Lists) in English Language
  • Frequent Assesments and tests in English
  • Mock Tests in English Language

English Language Syllabus

Sprachlingua offers English language programs for fast track courses. The syllabus for fast track courses are categorized into two levels 

1- Beginner English Level and 

2- Advanced English Level

The syllabus for each of these levels are mentioned below

LEarn Fast - Beginner
LEarn Fast - Advanced

Scope of English Language

English Language is spoken as official language in 67 countries world wide. Around 1.35 billion people speak English world wide.
Some of the top American companies include Apple, Intel, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Amazon, Google.

We offer the following language classes in Chennai - GermanChineseFrenchSpanishJapaneseSwedishDutch

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Assessment Form

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English Assessment

Identify Subject, Verb and Object in a Sentence - Foundation
Tamil - English
Fill in the blanks
English Verbs with Tamil Meaning (Present Tense, Past tense and Past participle)

English Assignments

Lesson 1 - Assignment
Verbs and Modal Verbs
Lesson 2 - Assignment
Verb / Modal verb Conjugation
Lesson 3 - Assignment
Conjunction / possessive pronoun
Lesson 4 - Assignment
Time (Formal/Informal) Numbers
Lesson 5 - Assignment

Lesson 6 - Assignment
Months / Days / Seasons / Years
Lesson 7 - Assignment
Adjectives in English Language
Lesson 8 - Assignment
Two verbs in a Sentence
Lesson 9 - Assignment
Future Tense in English Language
Lesson 10 - Assignment
Past Tense 1 - Nouns/Adjectives
Lesson 11 - Assignment
Past Tense 2 - Modal verbs
Lesson 12 - Assignment
Past Tense 3 - Verbs
Lesson 13 - Assignment
Prepositions in English
Lesson 14 - Assignment

Lesson 15 - English Assignment

English Quiz

English Foundation - Analyze the category - Algorithm
English Quiz 1
English Quiz 2
English Quiz 3
English Quiz 4
English Quiz 5
English Quiz 6

English Fill in the Blank

English Quiz 1
English Quiz 2
English Quiz 3