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Dutch Alphabets

The Dutch alphabet consists of 26 letters, the same as the English alphabet. However, the pronunciation of some letters is slightly different.

Here is the Dutch alphabet and its pronunciation:

A - ah

B - bay

C - say

D - day

E - ay

F - ef

G - hay

H - hah

I - ee

J - yay

K - kah

L - el

M - em

N - en

O - oh

P - pay

Q - kuh

R - err

S - es

T - tay

U - uu

V - vay

W - way

X - ex

Y - ay

Z - zet

Note that the pronunciation of some letters may vary depending on the context of the word. Additionally, Dutch has some special characters, such as the diaeresis (¨), which is used to indicate that two vowels should be pronounced separately.

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