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Colors in German - Die Farbe

Color in German language is Farbe ( colors is Farben).

Color is Die Farbe (Feminine).

Black - Schwarz

White - weiß / Weiss

Blue - Blau

Orange - Orange

Purple - Lila

Pink - Rosa

Green - Grün

Red - Rot

Brown - Braun

Yellow - Gelb

Light - hell and dark - dunkel. 

Light blue - hellblau and Dark blue - Dunkelblau

Examples with colours and the ending change :

Although brown in German is called Braun, the ending of the color depends on the article(Masculine/Feminine/Neutral/Plural) and case (Accusative/Dative/Nominative/Genetiv)

Example :

It is a brown house.

Es ist ein braunes Haus.

We live in a brown house.

Wir wohnen in einem braunen Haus.

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