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Days of the Week in German

In this Blog, we will be seeing about the Days of the week in German.

Day in German is called Tag.

Week in German is called Woche.

So Weekday in German is Wochentag. ( Don't worry about the n suffix after Woche, We will deal about it in later chapters in detail)

Similar words

Monday is Montag. Friday is Freitag and Sunday is Sonntag.

Non Similar words

Tuesday is Dienstag.

Wednesday is middle of the week. Hence called Mittwoch in German. 

Thursday is called so because of Thor's day (Thor is Thunder God). In German Thunder is Donner and hence called Donnerstag.

Saturday is Samstag

All days in German are Masculine

Ex : Der Montag, Der Dienstag etc.

The equivalent of on/in when it comes with days of week in German is am

Ex : 

I am having an exam on monday

Ich habe am Montag eine Prüfung

The abbrevation of the German weekdays in emails or notice boards is

Monday Mo , Tuesday Di , Wednesday Mi, Thursday Do, Friday Fr, Saturday Sa, Sunday So

The day constraint From and to in German is von bis

I am having my exams from Monday until Friday

Ich habe meine Prüfungen von Montag bis Freitag

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