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Similarity between English and Spanish Language

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 A good news to all the English speaking Spanish language learners, there are quite a lot of similarities between English and Spanish. This is a big boon to all the beginners trying to learn the language. One of the evident similarity is that they share the same alphabets .In other words both the languages uses Roman alphabet,also known as Latin alphabetic system which helps us to learn the phonetics in an easier way and build a strong foundation in being able to pronounce words. Pronunciation plays a very important aspect while learning a new language. Only when you have a very strong phonological foundation you can confidently start communicating in the desired language. To easen up this process, we have around 30-40% of words in Spanish language that has almost the same sound, and meaning as in English which is why these kind of words are termed as "Cognates". To name a few

·       metro,

·       hospital,

·       escape,

·        orginal,

·       motor,

·       posible,

·       comfortable,      

·        horrible,

·       terrible etc have the same meaning with a slight variation in their pronunciation. Secondly except a few word order exceptions, Spanish and English follows the same S-V-O pattern namely Subject-Verb-Object which makes it even more uncomplicated for us to learn the language.For example "I want a book" which has the order in English as Subject-I(here)/Verb-To want/Object-Book.In Spanish also it follows the same order and structure as it goes like"Yo quiero un libro"where Yo-Subject;Quiero-Verb;Libro-Object. The next aspect which matches with English is that Spanish language has its plural forms by adding either an

 's' or 'es' to it , like in English.For example:Libro for book in singular and libros for books in plural.The same way we have these words :

SINGLULAR                   PLURAL

Perro                             perros

Gato                              gatos

Reloj                              relojes

Color                             colores

Persona                        personas

Mes                               meses

Libro                              libros

Coche                           coches

Lastly apart from being able to converse in a language, writing in the language also plays a crucial role. This comes into play especially when you have to send replies to e-mails or respond in the written format. Considering this, the capitalisation and punctuation are also almost the same as we do in English. The names of person, countries, titles, first word of a sentence are all capitalized like in English. But there are exceptions too. So considering this, the punctuations, full stops and commas are used the same way like we do in English.Eg:I live in India is written as "Yo vivo en India". From my experience as a polyglot I can tell you that English is quite similar to Spanish and its definitely worth it to combat and overcome the minor challenges that the language puts forward to you. Among the countless benefits of knowing Spanish is, it basically allows you to socialize with a lot of people.

According to CNN, In the United States there are around 53 million people who communicates in Spanish. This in turn makes the US as the second largest Spanish speaking country in the world. Also you do not have to worry about memorizing pages of entirely new set of vocabularies as you may be able to find out that most of the words that you may learn in Spanish language sound like English words. This makes it even more easier for you to give it a shot. As a beginner you might face a few challenges but at Sprachlingua we help in exposing you to the language with the help of an already known language. As a result this enhances you to break the fear and makes you grasp the language at a fast pace within minimum number of hours. This practical approach would help you master the language. Knowing these similarities between two languages gives a big relief initially to break the fear to kickstart your learning process as it saves a lot of time and also aids you in mastering the art of communicating in Spanish.

Happy learning amigos !


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